Did you know? Over 95% of disabled characters portrayed on television are played by non-disabled actors....

Whether the Democrat Party realizes it or not, they are extremely bigoted towards the disabled community. Democrat proponents, like the liberal media and Hollywood, constantly portray disability in a negative light, undercutting the positive impact that disabled individuals have on their communities. At the same time, Democrat run cities have continued to put roadblocks, literally and figuratively, in the way of disabled individuals to be productive members of their communities.

- Of the 472 subway platforms in New York City, only 24% are handicap accessible.

- 806 out of 1,066 curb cuts south of 14th St. are not handicap accessible.

- Only 15% of New York City's yellow taxi cabs are equipped for disabled individuals. 

- New York City has an unemployment rate of 77% for its disabled citizens.

The Liberal media and Hollywood's portrayal of disability has led to a misunderstanding of what living life with a disability is truly like. Designed to play on the emotions of Americans, stories about everyday life with a disability are thrown away in favor of stories where disabled people have to overcome their disability, often referred to as "Inspiration Porn". These depictions have led to negative stereotypes about what disability means to millions of Americans.

Bigotry and prejudice will never be completely eradicated, but the disabled community deserves better from their elected officials. The Democrat Party needs to acknowledge the barriers they create and liberal Hollywood must be called out for their outright prejudice. The RollExit Movement will not allow this bigotry to carry on any longer.


Did you know? 65% of all disabled Americans make less than $35,000 a year....

For millions of disabled individuals, this is their reality. On average, it takes a disabled person 60% longer to find employment compared to someone without a disability. Even if you posses a college degree finding a job with a disability can be extremely hard. In 2016, adults with a disability and a college education had an employment rate (59%) ten points lower than all adults with a high school diploma or less (69%) and 27 percentage points lower than all adults with a college degree (86%). 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the disabled unemployment rate at just above 8%, compared to the unemployment rate for those without a disability at around 3.7%.

In response to these statistics, Social Security was implemented as a fail safe to protect disabled Americans from going without healthcare. But nearly a century after its inception, the very systems set up to protect the disabled community are now the very systems keeping the disabled population in poverty. Financial restrictions on what disabled individuals can make before losing their benefits have left millions who cannot find substantial employment trapped in a cycle of dependency. The system is broken and needs to be repaired.

It is the strong belief of The RollExit Movement that the best way out of poverty is through economic and entrepreneurship opportunities. Small business ownership has proven to be the best financial option for many disabled Americans due to its focus on a person's passions and strength, rather than what hinders them. Disabled individuals are twice as likely to start a small business compared to a non-disabled individual. The ability and freedom to create one's work schedule around their disability is a far better option to most who cannot work long shifts due to the constraints of their medical condition. The RollExit Movement will not stop its pursuit of ending the disabled poverty cycle!


Did you know? In 2018, over 700 babies were aborted due to "severe fetal abnormalities" in the state of Florida alone...

The Democrat Party advocates for the extinction of babies with pre-existing conditions in the womb. Painted as "reproductive rights", the liberal media wants the American people to believe it is morally okay to abort a child just because it posses an "inconvenience" to the family and baby who is born. 

This ideology has led to thousands of babies being aborted each year due to their pre-existing conditions within the womb. A 2017 study found that 67% of US parents aborted their child when Down Syndrome was detected during pregnancy. A 2009 study in Atlanta revealed that 34% of parents aborted children who were detected with Spina Bifida in the womb. 

No life is an inconvenience and it is time to stop the narrative that some lives are more important than others. The Democrat Party cannot claim to be the party of pre-existing conditions while at the same time fighting for the right to abort babies in the womb with pre-existing conditions. Every life has a purpose and The RollExit Movement is dedicated to fighting for those who are never given the chance to realize that purpose.


Did you know? 24% of cancer patients in the UK are not treated "on time". Under the National Health Service, "On Time" treatment is considered treatment administered within 62 days.....

Every single Democratic presidential nominee wants to implement a socialized medicine program in the United States, if elected. The constant rhetoric from the liberal media is that socialized medicine is the only way to take care of all Americans. But if we look at how socialized medicine has been implemented around the world, it is easy to see who is left behind under socialized healthcare.

Inevitably, the first people to suffer under socialized healthcare are the disabled. Treatment of disability related health issues can often take months to address, forcing those waiting to be treated to have a deteriorating health status, sometimes leading to death. The rights of patients and their caregivers are taken away in favor of letting the government choose what kind of care is "best" for the disabled community. Even the doctors who work under socialized medicine suffer with inadequate wages, overcrowded patient quotas, and hours of paperwork that keep hard working physicians from being able to do their job effectively. This lowers the quality of healthcare provided and leads to shortages of medical professionals who do not want to join a work force that does not compensate them properly.

The RollExit Movement is committed to fighting for accessible healthcare that ensures the treatment of the disabled is not an after thought.