The Yellow Envelope Campaign - How Christians for SWFL is helping Lee County

About 4 days ago I was contacted by a group in SW Florida called Christians for SWFL. The group reached out to RollExit in an attempt to further spread the news about the initiative they have started and acted on in Lee County and Southwest Florida.

At RollExit, we celebrate the conservative efforts to help one another and want to push what this organization is doing so that more people may become aware of it. In the next week, Christians for SWFL will be sending out the attached yellow envelopes below to area citizens who have extreme medical debt. The yellow envelope is a notice that the medical debt that the citizen or family has accumulated has been paid off in full. Christians for SWFL is asking for nothing in return. They only ask that word about these yellow envelopes are spread throughout Lee County so that recipients do not throw out the letters if they receive them.

Christians for SWFL is working in partnership with RIPMedicalDebt in an effort to help their fellow man, much the same way that Jesus died to forgive our sins at no cost to us. RIPMedicalDebt buys the medical debt sold by health providers that is normally bought by debt collection agencies. These debt collection agencies buy off the debt in an effort to increase the price of the debt in order to make money off of citizens and families who normally do not have the money needed to buy off the original medical debt in the first place. Christians for SWFL and RIPMedicalDebt are combating these companies by buying the debt for pennies on the dollar and simply forgiving the debt.

For just $10, your donation to Christians for SWFL or RIPMedicalDebt can erase $1,000 of medical debt for a citizen who cannot afford to pay off pre existing medical debt. $100 pays off $10,000 of medical debt. Christians for SWFL and RIPMedicalDebt funds their organization through donations in a cost effective way for people to be able to help people without government interference.

Republicans and conservatives believe that people are better able to help other people when government does not get in the way. Both of these organizations are exemplifying this ideology with their compassionate approach to helping the everyday citizen who is just trying to survive. I encourage every person who follows The RollExit Movement to follow the links provided at the bottom of this post and to make a contribution.

Please visit or to make a contribution today!

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