Liberal Hypocrisy At It's Finest

I must admit, it has been a pretty slow week for RollExit and I, but after a much needed vacation I was happy to have some down time to relax and refocus on RollExit's efforts.

As a physically disabled person, the amount of energy my body exerts when doing certain activities is at least twice as much as the average person's. When I go on vacation, I don't sleep well. Whether it's the foreign bed or the excitement of what I'll be doing everyday, I just don't get enough sleep while I'm traveling. Because of this, I come back from vacation physically drained. In short, I've highly enjoyed this "down time" to recuperate my body from the fun I had last week.

I wanted to talk this week about something that happened while I was on vacation that highlights part of the reason why I am so passionate about RollExit and the Republican Party. As a disabled person, I have been told my entire life that I should vote Democrat. If you watch any media or news you can clearly see how the Democrat Party is hailed as the "party of pre-existing conditions", basically claiming that Democrats are the only party that have any compassion for disabled individuals which is why we should all just vote for them.

Before I left on vacation, I boosted RollExit's first post in an effort to reach more people in the state of Florida with our message. It gained some traction, but I didn't buy a lot of ad coverage for it to be super effective. I didn't want to spend too much money on our first post because I wanted to see what type of response I would receive from people who have never heard of RollExit and just received the ad as a highlighted post on their timeline. The responses I received only highlighted to me the need for RollExit to continue our course.

Above you will see one of the comments left on our post from someone who we are not connected to. I do not know this woman and other than the post she saw, she does not know me. So it was eye opening to me that she would hurl such an accusation at me.

"So your disability is mental?"

I bring this specific comment up because I think it highlights one of the biggest problems facing the disabled community to this day. Disability is still very misunderstood by the average person. All disabilities are lumped into one category, so when someone says they are disabled a million different assumptions are made that may or may not have anything to do with that specific person's disability.

Her comment was meant to be used as an insult. It insinuates that not only am I not smart enough to understand what I am fighting for, but that anyone who has a mental disability also is not smart enough to come up with original ideas or thoughts of their own. She assumes that if you are mentally disabled then you clearly can't think for yourself and when you do, your thoughts are invalid because of your disability. I hope this woman comes to understand how offensive this comment is.

The current liberal ideology is that if you are not a Democrat you are wrong. It doesn't matter how valid your viewpoint is. It doesn't matter if it's the correct viewpoint. If it doesn't fit into the Democrat platform or talking points, it is invalid and in trying to prove it is invalid it is okay to throw insults at the opposition, no matter how abusive or derogatory those insults are.

I received a couple more comments on this post that were not "nice" which I will cover in my next video for RollExit. That video will be available tomorrow morning. I couldn't be happier that we live in a country that allows everyone the right to free speech and thought so that people like the woman above can say what they want, but the current political climate aims to suppress the free speech of conservatives and Republicans. I will not stop in my efforts with RollExit to continue to show why 'Rolling Away from the Democrat Party' is the best option for disabled individuals to live a better life with financial freedom.

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